Peter and Carrie Coombs 

We are a couple of "ordinary" people who have worked our way into extraordinary lives and love. 

Life is full of ups and downs and rounds and rounds, but as long as we keep growing, as long as we stay curious, we continue to be amazed. 

Carrie R Coombs M.S LMHC 

Counselor WA (coming soon OR)

Diet and Nutrition Coach outside WA 

Peter R Coombs BS; Pending ICF ACC Cert. 

Life Coaching. Specializes in work/life balance; Transition, Purpose and value alignment.

Coaching vs. Counseling 

People ask: “what is the difference between coaching and therapy?” Carrie can better explain what therapy is. But, in a nutshell, therapy helps people to heal their past and mental and emotional healing. Coaching is designed with a positive approach in setting and achieving goals when one may be ‘stuck” in life.

Coaching aims to be forward thinking and solution-oriented. Counseling usually addresses the past, often resolving emotional distress and improving mental health.

Counseling can be more directive and involves the diagnosis of mental health conditions.

Coaching takes a cooperative and collaborative approach to empowering clients. They act as partners providing support, guidance and accountability.

Formal counseling often requires degrees and licensing from states and professional organizations and have gone through extensive training in mental health and therapy techniques. Coaching feeds from life experience, credentialing or training is specific areas and accreditation through formal organizations that are affiliated with the International Coach Federation.

To sum the issue up: Coaching focuses on the present and future, counseling focuses on the past as well. Coaching’s goal is to overcome challenges, achieve goals, reach potential and hold account. Counseling resolves emotional distress and improves mental health. Finally, coaching’s approach is collaborative and empowering where counseling can be directive and involve diagnosis.


Couples Coaching Coming Soon

By the universe's grace, they have been led to some fantastic counselors, coaches, and couples support groups over the past 22 years. With Peter's two decades of coaching individuals and Carrie's education and counseling experience, They have the experience and the tools to pass on to help your marriage/partnership thrive.