Peter and Carrie Coombs 

We are a couple of "ordinary" people who worked our way into extraordinary lives and love. 

Life is full of ups and downs and rounds and rounds but as long as we keep growing, we continue to be amazed. 

Carrie R Coombs M.S LMHC 

Counselor WA (coming soon OR)

Diet and Nutrition Coach outside WA 

Peter R Coombs 

Life Coaching 

Coaching vs. Counseling 

There are many definitions, but the main difference is who is paying and the cost. Coaching is the option if your insurance will not cover couples counseling or you are uninsured. Other differences are the need for a diagnosis of someone to get insurance reimbursement and the use of counseling techniques. Good Coaches are much like counselors; they help you discover your answers and take action. They may offer more availability and "prompt " you to your commitment and inspire you with encouragement. Counselors are trained not to "cheerlead" but to explore what keeps you from your goals more deeply.  


Couples Coaching Coming Soon

By the universe's grace, they have been led to some fantastic counselors, coaches, and couples support groups over the past 21 years. With Peter's two decades of coaching individuals and Carrie's education and counseling experience, They have the experience and the tools to pass on to help your marriage/partnership thrive.