Peter Coombs; Ba, BS Working Towards ACC Cert

In Person, On-line, By Phone; International

Becoming a life coach has been a slow process of self discovery that leads me to this moment of my journey of still working on myself as I help others reach for self-empowerment, serenity and achievement in their own lives.

My journey of self discovery started when I put down my last drink in January of 2001. My path of discovery includes, but is not limited to, a spiritual, holistic and relational approach to finding who I am and what potential that I can achieve. I have practiced and applied a variety of self help, seeking empowerment courses, trainings (formal and informal) of personal development then applied those techniques to have become particularly successful in life that I have now chosen to share with others an opportunity for self empowerment in realizing their own success from holistically looking inside themselves to achieve things just dreamed of. 

I have over 40 years of direct experience in self help, group dynamics, sales skills coupled with formal training, applicable managerial, teaching and coaching experience in mentoring individuals and groups of people often meeting or exceeding long term goals to lead me here so that I can help you.