Carrie R Coombs M.S., LMHC 

Licensed in WA, OR, FL, ID and VT

Self-care goes more than, wine, candles, massages, and bubble baths. It involves engaging in the challenging task of looking within, breaking free from habit energies that keep us stuck.  My role is to help you identify what keeps you stuck, make a plan to get unstuck and support you in practicing the skills that will help you break free. 

Personal Change is work and when you reached out to me you showed you are up for the task. You have started your journey that leads to loving your life more! 

Carrie will look at the whole of you: Mood, Food, Movement, Sleep, Social Roles, and life's demands. 

The English word therapy comes from the Latin therapīa from Greek: θεραπεία and literally means "curing" or "healing" The word counselor comes from the Latin conciliator, ("I take counsel"), from cōnsilium ("plan, council, wisdom, advice"). 

She considers it her sacred duty to assist you in discovering the answers that lie within you. However, Carrie also possesses expertise in evidence-based practices and skills that she can teach you, which will enable you to love your life more than ever before. Some clients may express doubt, saying, "But I have already attempted Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Meditation," and they just don't work for me." Keep an open mind and open heart. Sometimes something we have tried before just clicks. One size does not fit all. Together you and Carrie will find the plan that works for you. 

Keep an open mind and an open heart. Sometimes, something we've tried before just comes together perfectly. It's important to recognize that one size does not fit all. Together, you and Carrie will find the plan that works best for you. For those who are hesitant about counseling because they don't want to dwell on their past, I have good news: you don't have to. Everything that needs to be addressed can be dealt with in the present. If your work leads you to reflect on the past at times, that's okay. Generally, Carrie will guide you towards focusing on the present. This isn't unkind; it's actually where your progress will be most effective. While I work with individuals experiencing a variety of mental health concerns, I specialize in these particular areas. 

Trauma First Aid

Trauma First Aid has been a part of human culture since ancient times. Historically, individuals who experienced trauma would seek solace in their "tribe" and recount their harrowing experiences repeatedly. They would incessantly reflect upon their trauma, expressing their emotions and allowing their nervous systems to release the pent-up energy. However, in our modern society, we often bypass these crucial steps, causing the trauma to become trapped within our nervous systems. To prevent this disruption from permeating and adversely affecting our lives, it is imperative that we promptly seek assistance in processing trauma. Trauma first aid, under the guidance of Carrie, encompasses a range of therapeutic approaches and techniques. These may include talk therapy, mediation, psychodrama, expressive writing, somatic therapy, as well as yoga and movement exercises specifically designed to discharge the residual effects that trauma has left on your nervous system. Through this comprehensive approach, it becomes possible to alleviate the burdensome impact of traumatic experiences and regain control over our lives once again.


PTSD is a complex set of issues that trauma has left on your nervous system; those involuntary responses that seem to be ruining the show result from trauma being trapped in your nervous system. I would like to help you take a whole-life approach to addressing and discharging this trauma to free yourself of its effects on you. 


Chronic anxiety can be like someone pulling the fire drill, and there is no fire. Anxiety is natural and necessary to the human experience; it's usually your body signaling that you need to do something different. When you are stuck in it, and it has you constantly sure something awful is about to happen, you suffer. You are suffering. But, you are not stuck with this feeling for the rest of your life. You are not your anxiety. There are many ways to look at your life and circumstances that can bring your anxiety experience back to "normal." Cognitive Behavior Therapy , Mindfulness, meditation, and looking at the lifestyle habits that support anxiety, not you.